About Na Fianna

Taken from the Bio page on our official website

Na Fianna have been playing together since March 2007 and are continuously building on their reputation as great entertaining balladeers. The lads are all highly skilled musicians and powerful singers too. The energy and passion on display in each performance is something the lads thrive on.
Over the past four years they have travelled and played in many noted venues all over Ireland as they embrace the songs and stories of the past whilst succeeding in making each one their own.

They have toured in The UK, France, Holland and Belgium. They are now under the management of Darren Farrell and have recently signed a recording contract with Dolphin Music Group. They have further tours planned of Germany and The USA in the summer of 2011.

These young men are transcending generational barriers with their unique interpretation of Ireland’s rich heritage through storytelling and song.

The Band comprises of Ross Hennessy, Lee Campion, John Walsh & Damian Walsh.
In 2009, Na Fianna entered the All Ireland Talent Show to rapturous applause. With an average viewing audience of 700,000 people and four live performances on National Television, Na Fianna finished in 2nd Place out of over 6,000 competitors.

This catapulted them onto both a national and international platform, further increasing their ambition for continued achievement.

Na Fianna are honest, hard-working and modest in their success to date.
They still continue their long residency in Lanigans Bar Kilkenny every Thursday night.
The Ballads are alive and well with Na Fianna. The energy and enthusiasm shown on stage, mixed with the skilled musicianship, captivating vocals and haunting harmonies in a must see for all music fans!

Na Fianna are full-time musicians and hope to extend their global audience via a major recording contract with Dolphin music Group and a US Tour in the Autumn of 2011. Na Fianna stay true to themselves and their heritage. Loyalty to tradition and each other is their forte and this ethos combined with their exceptional capacity to entertain is the cause for their continuing musical success.


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