Better late than never they say??

Hey everyone, I hope this blog finds you well. First off I would like to apologize on behalf of the band for the delay in the blogs. We have been extremely busy working hard behind the scenes, working on new plans and projects to make 2012 an enjoyable year for our fans and audiences worldwide. On that note I would like to take this opportunity to reminisce on the past year and to sincerely thank everyone for making 2011 a great one for the band as we had many great achievements. In 2011 we released our first original single called “The Last One “which reached number 2 in the Irish singer songwriter charts and is still available for download on iTunes for 99c ha-ha… sorry I just had to get that plug in lol… we also toured Belgium, UK , Germany and our first USA tour which was a great success that seen us cover 5 states such as Kansas, New York , Las Vegas ( where lee found his wallet, but lost all his money)ha , Boston and Orlando, Florida (where Damian and John met with their childhood hero’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse) haha…

The last blog was from Damian who spoke about our time in Boston and Las Vegas, so I’m going to try my best to take over where he left off which could never be easy …lol… but here it goes… After our amazing week at the Ri Ra Irish bar in the Mandalay bay hotel Las Vegas it was time to make our way towards the last leg of our tour and no better place to finish “The Big Apple” New York as the song goes “concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can’t do”… I remember as I was starting out on my musical career singing along to the Wolfe Tones version of “The streets of New York”, dreaming of maybe performing there someday myself. It was one of the greatest experiences of my short life so far!! The memories of walking up and out of the Grand Central train station for my first time in the heart of Manhattan and seeing all these fantastic buildings and crazy busy streets will remain with me forever.

Our first gig was in Yonkers where we based ourselves for this leg of the trip. We played Fagan’s Friday and Sunday evening which is based on McLean Avenue and is a large Irish area. They were two great nights. I would like to thank a great family friend of the Hennessy’s Mr Dick Lyons for looking after us during our stay and sorting out the accommodation for us, and also Cathal and Brian from The Rambling House for looking after us so well. Saturday night brought us to Paddy Reilly’s Bar at the centre of Manhattan, it was packed to the rafters full of friends, relations and hopefully some new Na Fianna fans……it was a very enjoyable gig. Apart from performing we also got to meet up with friends , and the chance to do shopping along with some sight seeing such as times square, the statue of liberty and  of course Ellis Island where it all began for the Irish !! (I also got a few history lessons from Professor Damian who should really get a job making documentaries for the discovery channel) haha … It was time to bid farewell to New York and to the USA where we spent 9 amazing weeks touring and return home… USA we love you and we shall be back!!

Since returning home we have been working extremely hard, we wrote our own brand new soccer single which is in connection with the Irish soccer team making the European finals. The single is called the “The Irish Roar” which we performed live on National radio the morning after Ireland secured qualification.  Alan Thorney from the John Murray Show contacted us on the Tuesday of Ireland’s last qualifying game asking could we write a song celebrating Irelands qualification and perform it live in the studio the following morning, of course we said yes, sure how hard could it be haha….Anyway we did it and it all turned out great. We would like to thank John Murray, Alan Thorney, Denise Davies and all the crew on the show for their continued support. And for those of you that keep asking for the song…..well it is due to be released very soon along  with some other exciting news!…. There are plans of a few more singles being released along with some great news on the gigs and touring front. All will be revealed over the coming weeks…..

We had a rather busy December which seen us play many staff Christmas party’s in Hotel Kilkenny.  We also performed all over the country such as The Arlington Hotel DublinNaomh Columba in Donegal, Srtetford Arms in Kerry to name a few.

We have made many great friends both at home and abroad throughout our travels in 2011, such kind and generous people who helped us in everyway; it would be impossible for me to mention you all but ye all know who you are.

I hope that ye all enjoyed Christmas, turkey, ham and everything else that came with it. As for the four of us….well we all had to join the gym after…. haha

On behalf of Na Fianna I would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone for your continued support and help over the past year. We hope to see you all again very shortly.” Happy new year” may 2012 be a great year for everyone, best wishes…..

Do chara

Ross Mac Aonghusa

Ross Hennessy


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