Sorry we’re late but we never put this one up!

A Chairde,

Sorry this is a bit late but we are very busy at the moment!
After Mr Dooleys in downtown Boston, it was time to relocate again as our remaining gigs were in the South Boston area so we spent the day packing our stuff and loading it into the car of the one and only Meghan Sowsun. Meghan had made the journey of nine hours to see us the previous night with her friend Bree Springthorpe from Oakville Toronto. We first met Meghan in May when she was holidaying in Ireland with her parents and we have kept regularly ever since. So as she and Bree moved our gear to Quincy we boarded the T (the Boston version of the dart/subway) and set out for our hotel. That night we played a gig in The Twelve Pins and it was great to see some familiar faces from our previous gigs in Boston. We also had a group who traveled four hours to see us after meeting Lee in Bobs Bar during the summer. We also met up with a few Laois lads that John and I would have played hurling with and against throughout the years with club and county. Fran Keenan, Ciaran Moore whom I have to congratulate on his engagement and of course the bold Terry Doran. Camross is well represented. Meghan and Bree were late for the gig after falling asleep after all their hard work from helping us during the day but at least they made it in time for us to depart up to Fran’s house to watch Ireland vs. Wales in the rugby world cup quarter final. This match was a great one to watch with some great Welsh defending and it was that defence that ensured we stayed out from their linen and got beaten. Disappointed we went home…

Saturday night we played in Paddy Berry’s of Quincy where the gig was packed to the rafters! We met up with some more people from home like the great Larky Conroy from Mountmellick in Laois who has been out in Boston for maybe close thirty years – a true and proud Laois man if ever there was one in Boston. Thanks to Jerry and the staff for treating us very well. Great to see Jennifer Browne and Francesca Infranca making the trip from New York to see us! Also Danielle Mayzes was there at our gigs on Saturday and Sunday. We had an early night by our standards as we prepared ourselves for the Dorchester gig next day. Brian arrived for us early and after our customary Dunkin Donuts breakfast it was all systems go and we made our way to Dorchester. Even the Dorchester cops knew Brian at this stage. All he said to the numerous cops directing traffic was his trademark saying in his Boston accent – “I’m with the band!!!” as they waved him on into restricted access areas in order to get us nearer to the stage area. The day was beautiful and with a large crowd present it was important for us to get it right – and by the crowd’s reaction I think we did. There is a big Irish and Irish American population in this area and it was great to feel the pride of place and of Ireland throughout the day. These people have a great community and national spirit for all to see. We had to leave the festival as we had another gig in the Clash of the Ash pub in Quincy that night. A big crowd came in the doors which included a lot of the hurling team that John played for when he was out in Boston – and we had a right night here let me tell you. It was great to meet up with lads I had met years previous on a trip to see John. Total headers like Peter Nolan, Brian “The Crow” Dalton, Dominic McGill, John Joe O Neill, Jigger, Denis Brennan and Seanie Gallagher. These men are legends in Boston and that will never change!! With heavy hearts and an even heavier heads we left Boston early the next morning. Many thanks must go to Brian Bailey for all of his help and also Pat.

We spent Monday in transit and with a four hour wait for connecting flights at JFK airport New York it was a long day before we finally arrived in Las Vegas at about 11 pm local time. We were graciously met at the airport by Cyril Kenny and Paula Quigley. After bringing us to our apartment they brought us to Ri-Ra the Irish pub in the Mandalay Bay hotel to get a feel for the place. All seemed to be good so we passed the night with a great contingent of Irish staff as the showed us the ropes and Hooters!! Vegas is a place like no other and although I have visited twice before one is still amazed at its grandeur and splendour. The next nights gigs in Vegas were a great success and the tables worked out for us at times too! We met many friends like the aforementioned Cyril and Paula but also Vanessa McDonagh, Aimee Dwyer, and Bernice Naughton to name but a few. Melissa Hockin was another friend we met on this leg of the trip. Niki Dee and her friends drove from Arizona to be with us which was brilliant. This is really an amazing trip.

I hope you enjoyed catching up on the gallery we are having and the wonderful experiences here in the USA.

Is mise le meas

Damian Walsh


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