Shipping up to Boston!!

Hey everyone here I am writing my last blog of our 2011 US tour it’s the morning after the night before and how time has flown. What an amazing action packed month we had at Raglan Road in Orlando Florida!!

That Friday feeling!!
Our second last night at Raglan Road was upon us and I had that Friday feeling that it was going to be a great one. As we played to a full house it was great to see all our friends and many new faces there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill for the lovely gifts, we’re still trying to burn off the calories from the cake ha!! And a big thanks to the ladies from Limerick who sung all the songs with us word for word it was great to have a front row choir!!

The last one!!
It was here the day had come “The last one”. It was time to perform our last show in Orlando for 2011 and what a way to finish. There was hardly room to move and the place was electric as we were joined on the stage by the fantastic fiddle player Colin Farrell who added so much and it was one of those evenings that I was hoping would never end as we finished on a high. I would like to thank everyone who made Na Fianna so welcome at Raglan Road we have made many great friends in such a short time. We were sad to have to bid farewell to Orlando, especially our pool and tennis court, lee really misses them…… I think he misses looking at them haha….

Shipping up to Boston
On our arrival at Boston it great to have a few days break and to get the chance to let the hair down it was time for some long overdue Monday madness….the only thing is I never knew the lads had such long hair haha …. It wasn’t long before we were back in the thick of the action as Wednesday seen us play at the Tinkers son. When we arrived at the Tinkers son there was a trad session been played and it was great to see how strong Irish music is in Boston, it felt just like home. As soon as the trad session had ended we done a quick sound check and got on our way with all the well knowing Irish classics. It was great to meet Eileen and all the crew from Quincy and Dorcester who travelled to see us thanks for a great night.

Mr Dooley’s
It was great to get the chance to play music in the heart of down town Boston and no better venue to play then Mr Dooley’s.  knowing for its music with such acts playing there in the past as Johnny Mc Evoy, Finbar Furey and now Na Fianna haha…. it was a fantastic night with a lot of Irish being present and it was great to chat to all of you we hope to see ye in Boston in the near future. I would like to thank Jeff our sound engineer for the evening who was rather helpful and done a great job.  I feel that this tour has been a great success for Na Fianna and I’m really looking forward to Las Vegas and New York. I would like to say a very special thank you to our driver in Boston for the week Brian “I’m with the band” Bailey who done a fantastic job, we would have been lost without you. Can we stop in Dunkin Donnut’s one last time?? haha…… 
I hope you enjoyed reading my last US blog for this tour I had such a great time but I’m also looking forward to getting home and seen my family and friends and reading Damian’s next blog which will be based on Vegas. For everyone knows “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” so Damian is going to have to be very careful with his wording haha……

Do chara
Ross Hennessy


2 thoughts on “Shipping up to Boston!!

  1. Ross, I especially enjoyed reading this blog from you!. You have a very “light” way of speaking and of getting your message across! I laughed many times because in that one night, that one opportunity to meet all of you and to enjoy that one on one attention, I learned so many reasons to love about being “Irish”.

    I can now pick your voice and other musical contributions out from those of the others. I love “the Spanish Lady”; the image is one that I’m afaid, most women if honest would like to embrace!

    Thank you for that all important “hug” before I had to leave that first, concert night. I know that my sister and her two girls think the world of all of you and yes, what stays in Vegas needs to remain in Vegas!

    Ross, you are a fine man and example of what Irish musc is all about. I appreciate that so very much and further, this attribute makes me dig even deeper into my own Irish, family, roots!.

    When you all return again and I hope you will, I hope to afford you all a visit to my farm, a healthy meal and Lee, the use of a flat screen TV. Damian and John can take turns riding my Draft Thoroughbred through the open fields here. Fortunately, Commanche many give them a run for their money!

  2. Great blog, Ross! I enjoy reading about your impressions of the places you played.
    There are so many places in the USA where Irish Music is loved and appreciated.
    Here in Orlando is a little Pub called Claddagh Cottage, away from the Tourist areas.
    It’s owned by Jimmy Mulvaney from Dublin and his wife Kathy, there is a trad session every other Wednesday. There’s a great pub for the Band in West Palm Beach (you’d love that place!) it’s O’Shea’s Irish Pub owned by Maurice Costigan, a Cork man. They have Pádraig Keane there sometimes, great fiddler like his Dad Sean Keane of the Dubliners.
    Keep up the blogs, all of ye….stay in touch!
    Maggie Ryan, Orlando FL

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