Settled in the sunshine state!

Hey guys!

Apologies in delay in getting this blog up…So much is happening in the world of Na Fianna…It’s all good though! I’m enjoying every minute of it

So the last time I blogged we has just arrived off the plane from Ireland… 5 weeks later and so much has happened, all well documented by the Ross, Damian & Lee. The good news is that the band is still together anyways! I thought this tour would be a testing time for us all living and working together every day…our schedule is so full that we do spend a lot of time together, but thank god everything is running smoothly and we’re all in great form!

The house we have here in Florida is SAVAGE! We all have our own rooms, mine happens to be the master en-suite with hot tub and walk in wardrobe…NICE! We have a stylish open-plan kitchen/living room too and did I mention the pool?! LOL we have rented a car here too…We live about 20 minutes away from Raglan Road, (that’s at least 30 when Damian “Grandad” Walsh is behind the wheel!)

Raglan Road is a great place. It is the biggest Irish Pub I’ve ever seen. It has the three most important things required for a fantastic night out: GREAT FOOD, GEAT DRINK and GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!!! I have to say that all the staff have made us feel as part of the team also which is pretty cool. The first week was very tough for all of us…4 hours of playing music a night…That’s double the time for a night of gigging back home! We learned a lot that first week and I feel we’ve now cracked the set, and know when and where to play different songs and tunes! I believe people want to be entertained, this includes listening to songs and the story behind them…such as the story of Annie Moore in the song Ellis Island. People also want to have the craic (fun) and get involved in clapping their hands and dancing… People obviously also want to have a chat among them, eat their dinner and have a few drinks too! We have focused on the points above and I feel our show in Raglan Road accounts for all of them.

A few memories of the past week

On Friday night I witnessed a romantic moment when a man proposed to his girlfriend, we called him up to sing a song…then he turned around to his girlfriend and popped the question. I’m just delighted she said yes! Imagine the humiliation of getting turned down in front of a couple of hundred strangers! Congrats to the happy couple Natasha Rakitina & Dominic Palazzolo

On Sunday we got up early and went to Universal! Our good friends Katie Cox & Sionainn Crevoiserat Woodward organised tickets for us, they showed us all around both parks and basically made our day for us. Both knew every ride and showed us a great time…Thanks a million ladies… I really enjoyed the Rip-Rocket, the Mummy, the Hulk and the Spiderman… Harry Potter was another story! I felt hung-over after it so I retired to the village of hogsmeade to enjoy a glass of badly needed water! I have been so impressed with the precise detail in all the parks we have visited…they are so “real” and greatly adds to the magical experience! We also met up with Rob & Heather Robertson who were celebrating their wedding anniversary with us in Raglan Road. They are a very close, funny and friendly couple whom we have gladly gotten to know over the last few weeks! Many happy years’ together guys!

Na Fianna bless Universal Studios with their presence

On Thursday it was Damian’s birthday. Damian is now 27 + VAT years old! We had a few beers and were also joined on stage by Colin Farrell on the fiddle. Colin is part of the house band in Raglan Road…Creel. He is the finest fiddle player I have ever witnessed. He fitted into our style of playing with ease and greatly added to our set…a sign of a true musician! I would also like to acknowledge the in-house dancers of Danielle, Amal & Ivor; they have been very nice to us and put on a great show! Big thanks to Damien from Creel too for lending me a spare guitar to use for DADGAD…cheers lad, I’ll get you a few scoups the next time!

We have settled down very well here in Florida and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Disneyworld & Raglan Road. We have met so many people and made a lot of friends on this tour so far…I won’t even start to name people but you all know who you are!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll see you again soon.

John 😉

John Walsh


7 thoughts on “Settled in the sunshine state!

  1. We had a blast hanging with you guys at Universal. Your musical talents are outstanding and Heather and I are honored that we got to know you all as friends. We both will be much looking forward to your return to the sunshine state and the first round of ale is on me!

  2. It was great craic hangin with you guys at Universal. We are very honored to have gotten to know you as friends and wemuch look forward to your return to the sunshine state…..first round of ale is on me! Slainte!

  3. That’s grand, John! Glad you enjoyed your time here….that means you’ll be coming back! Enjoy New York….keep your passport safe…..slán abhaile! – Maggie

  4. John – sorry to hear you are leaving the group – best of luck – we enjoyed talking to at Raglan Rd.
    Sally & Ken Pieper

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