From Wimbledon to Halfway To St Paddy’s Day

From Wimbledon to Halfway To St Paddy’s Day

I’ll start with Friday the 16th,
We got up and got our tennis championship started. Thank God there’s no one competitive in our group so we only had a mess around…YEAH RIGHT!
I thought the band was going to split up after one game of Doubles..haha !!!! We headed back to the house for a swim and I could barely make out Ross “the doggie paddle” Hennessy because he was swimming lengths so quick. That evening we headed in for Raglan Road nice and early to get the dinner before we started playing music. Like every night in Raglan Road the food is absolutely brilliant thanks to the super chef James Guinan.

We were all excited that night playing because there was a great crowd in Raglan Road and we also knew Ireland were playing Australia in the Rugby World Cup group stages after the gig at 4am in the morning. Meanwhile I was up on stage playing away and thought I was back in Kilkenny when Beata Bali and Stuart Downie walked in and sat down at the bar. It was great to see a few familiar faces from Kilkenny!  Straight after the gig we went home and got ready for the big match. There was only one problem…we had to be back in Raglan Road early the next morning for a sound check for HALF WAY TO PADDYS DAY. As everyone knows the match went very well that night with Ireland beating Australia on their home turf…but the sound check didn’t go as good the next morning!!! I think the next door neighbor came in and turned off our alarms clocks (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!) because know one woke till around 9.45am in the morning so we ended up being about 20 mins late but it all worked out Ok in the end.

Half Way To Paddys Day

We kicked off at an earlier time Saturday evening and there was green, white and gold balloons and banners everywhere. There was a great vibe around the pub all day and the minute we plugged in the instruments a big cheer went up so I knew it was going to be a good one. We played for around 4 hours in total and there was brilliant Irish dancers there all day as well with Ivor,Amal returning back from holidays and then the local dance school led out by Courtney.

Na Fianna in Raglan Road

When we finished up we had the night off to relax and it was “Elevations” turn to start rocking. Elevation are a brilliant U2 tribute band all the way from Canada. We stayed in Raglan Road for the night and drank a few Bud lights with the company of all the locals and a few special guests as well, Debbie and Amy Josland all the way from London. We had a great laugh all week with them and of course they ended up drinking with Beata and Stuart and rumors are that the two ladies are coming to Ireland very soon!!!

We finished up the weekend with no gig on the Sunday so John and Damian decided to take a trip off to Tampa for a change of scenery, so Ross and myself took a trip down to the local Irish pub to watch Dublin lift the Sam Maguire cup. When the match was over we just finished up our drinks and headed on home. !!! Yeah like you would all believe that!! Lets just say a good night was had by all but; there was a few sick heads in the morning. I had to go into Ross’s room the next day and check for a pulse!!!…

I would like to thank everyone who came to Raglan Road and gave us great support during the month of September: Margaret M Ryan and all her crew, Sionainn, her family and friends, Katie, Rob, Heather, Bill, Charlie, and loads of other people who I have met and talked too over the last few weeks and of course all the management and staff of Raglan Road. The next time I’ll be writing I will be in the Big Apple and Ross will have closed down 2 casinos in Vegas!! Oh and it wont be late this time!!

Lee Campion


10 thoughts on “From Wimbledon to Halfway To St Paddy’s Day

  1. Thanks Lee – great job with the blog!
    I hope you guys come back to Orlando soon.
    Wishing you great success on your USA tour!
    Maggie Ryan

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