Where’s me passport?

 Where’s my Passport?!

 Hey guys,

So I told you the next time you’d be hearing from me was from Orlando…well guess what…we’ve made it!! Only barely might I add…more on that later…

So I’m picking things up with our last week in Ireland. On Saturday night we were in Kytelers Inn…We had 3 different birthday parties…Ann Brennan, Wendy Doyle-Murray & Aileen Marnell…Happy BDAY ladies, hope ye had a good one!

On Sunday we were on the road to Causeway Co. Kerry…The dance floor was hopping and even the security guard was dancing…UP THE KINGDOM!

Monday night was the last of our unplugged summer sessions in Egan’s…A great turn out as has been the case all summer. Thanks to one and all for helping us train for our US tour…you all know who you are at this stage but we certainly could not have done it without you…A special thanks to Darren Farrell from “Realta” for some great backing on the guitar and singing a fantastic version of “lawless”.

Tuesday night was our last Irish gig for over 2 months…This is easily the best live music venue in Kilkenny…We love it! We had a great crew there to send us off…Again Paris Texas has been great over the summer…

We will certainly miss all the resident gigs and the regulars around Kilkenny…I won’t start naming names as I’m sure to leave someone out but ye know the craic…Mad Mondays, Tremendous Tuesdays & of course Thirsty Thursdays…We’ll be back in no-time sure! J

I woke up Wednesday morning with 101 jobs to do…I had been out and about since 9 am and I only starting organising my clothes and things in the early afternoon…I definitely could not have done this without my flatmate Tracey and my mother Mary…Thanks very much ladies! I’ll bring ye back something from my travels! It was tough to pack for two months of touring…I had to pack clothes for Orlando in heat of 35 degree C & by the time we’re in Boston it will be turning cold and heading for winter…as well as clothes for gigging in and all my music equipment…Then making sure the weight was ok!!! You can be sure I’ll be making a checklist well in advance the next time!

“We’re going to America!”

I was so excited Thursday morning when I woke up…It was suddenly here and very real…We were leaving for our 1st American 2 month Tour…Every Irish musicians dream I would imagine…

We were flying from Dublin to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Orlando…After 8 hours on a plane we arrived into Atlanta, we had 1 hour until our connecting flight to Orlando. We thought we had loads of time but for those who don’t know…Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world!!! $45 billion dollars passes through Atlanta Airport every year and a plane takes off every 33 seconds! I had our entire travel itinerary for the two months along with my own passport and travel documents in a plastic sleeve. We were making our gate when we all needed to use the restroom (Hope you like my new American slang!)…I left down the plastic sleeve, my backpack and hoody on the ground beside all the rest of the lads things…That was grand…quick freshen up and away we went…we had to go to a different terminal…down a few escalators, onto a underground train and we arrive at the next terminal…S**T lads where’s my passport?!

This feeling in my stomach is familiar…I got it when I heard the tragic news about my good friend Colm passing… Straight away I knew I had put it down on the ground outside the toilet about 5 minutes previous. Lee and I raced back to the toilet while Ross and Damian searched all our bags…To say my heart was in my mouth would be the understatement of the year… We arrived back to the spot…No Passport! I asked a man cleaning the floor while Lee looked inside the toilets, He sent me to security…I asked them, they sent me onto another security booth…I explained to them and they sent me to Delta airlines…Delta airlines contacted the plane, and main office…neither had heard of any passport missing…(40 minutes before our connecting flight!) They sent me back to Security…A Security man made me feel even worse when he filled me in about lost and found being closed for the weekend!! This situation kept getting worse…We decided to try seeing was it on the underground trains which connected all the terminals…NOPE! My head was gone at this stage… Damian suggested pleading at the gate to let me on…While in the queue I felt terrible…I had ruined our first trip to America! What was I going to do? We needed to be in Kansas City in 36 hours…with no passport that wouldn’t be happening! I arrive at counter and tell air hostess the story… “You’re a very lucky man Mr Walsh!”… Someone had seen the Passport and travel documents on the ground, checked my boarding card and most kindly left it at the boarding gate for me…J WOW! In today’s world of violence and crime, a gesture of such magnitude gives hope to us all… I definitely owe that person a few pints!

So onward and upward…We arrive in Orlando to be greeted by Sionainn Crevoiserat Woodward…Sionainn kindly offered to pick us up from airport and bring us to our house….Thanks a million Sionainn! It definitely wasn’t going to be my day…all baggage and instruments arrive except my guitar…I go to delta and enquire…to find out it’s on the next flight which won’t be in for another hour!!! A few pizza slices later we finally arrive at our place of residence for the month…It’s unrail! We even have our own pool!!!

Video Blog coming very soon from Orlando!! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll see you again soon.

John 😉

John Walsh


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