Oh America!

Oh America!
Hey there everyone, Lee here with you, sorry about the delay but things have been crazy getting ready for our US tour.

Timoleague West Cork..!!
Last Friday we set out for Timoleague in West Cork. We arrived after a 3-hour drive from Kilkenny and set up right bang in the middle of the town on a nice big stage. Like last year we were pulled straight into “Grainne’s”pub for a big feed and couldn’t move for an hour after it but well worth it. Nice to see a few familiar faces at the gig like Paul and Sinead Meaney and PJ and Sarah Ryan and I would like to thank Paul and PJ for showing us some fantastic Irish dancing..!! Well I think it was Irish dancing anyway..!! It was a great gig that night with the main street full and a big thanks to Mick (Winston) Jones on sound who got a great bargain on 8 tins of beans on the way home.

We were off Saturday night for the first time in months so we all just went for a few drinks in Kilkenny City. Next up was C.I Bar in Athy and they do love the ballads there. Good crowd in the pub but we had to start a little late because we couldn’t get Damian out of Supermacs next door..!! Like to thank the bar staff there for setting up the new stage for us, very solid.

Monday Madness
Our second last Monday before we headed off and another great night had in Egan’s in Kilkenny. The Left Bank staff all dropped in for a few songs and again Ashling and Karen Farrell sang out of their skin. Paddy Ryan was there giving us a few tunes on the mouth organ and a few cracking songs. Thanks to John Joe Cullen and Davie Holihan for belting out a few songs over the last few weeks.

Paris Texas
Our Paris Texas gigs are nearly up for the summer and will be missed big time. Its a cracking place to play and the crowd are always singing or clapping along even if they don’t understand one word we say, just like the group of Italians that were there the other night and seemed to have a great night clapping and dancing.. It was nice to see John and Damian’s folks, Mary and PJ Walsh. I even got to hear Mary sing for the first time..brilliant..!! Massive thanks to Laura and Sharon for flying around the place selling cds for us .

Another Thirsty Thursday…..It was great to see Nuts, Vicky, Eddy, our 2 “Laureens” and all the locals out for a few drinks. We had people from the U.S, England, Australia and New Zealand and many more places all enjoying the music and crack in Lanigans. Damian had a lovely new shirt on him….. that I wouldn’t wear off a wall !!!Its going to be weird not playing in Lanigans on a Thursday night for the next few weeks but I’m just going to have to get used to the warm weather and nice beaches in Florida hahaha

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who gave us a hand out in getting our U.S trip organised especially Helen Campion, Teresa Duffy, Darren Farrell, Nicole Meaney, Linda Jordan and many more.. Once again sorry about the delay but i’ll have one hell of a blog to write next month and loads of time to do so !!! ROLL ON AMERICA YAHOOO!!

Lee Campion


5 thoughts on “Oh America!

  1. Italians always clap their hands, enjoy and have great time every time they hear good music…sometimes they know the words of the songs played, sometimes they can only understand some of them when are in a foreign language, sometimes they don’t understand a word…but, considering that we love rhytm and we are very happy to realize that a song makes us feel good, we always show this to the world arund us by clapping our hands and having a lot of fun…also dancing a “trenino” (italian for “train style dance…:)!) .Good music = good time = feeling good…Italian love it. My italian grupo of tourists enjoyed a lot in Paris Texas listening to your music. As their tour leader I was very happy to see them happy .. thanks to the Italian passion for good music and thanks to Na Fianna songs (very good music) the results was wonderful and crazy : )! Have a nice time! Hope to see you all when I’ll come to Ireland again or when you come here in tour or on holiday. Roberta Ronchetti from Italy

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