T-shirt lost, if found please return to Damian!

Friday was a very busy day for us. We dragged ourselves out of bed at the early hour of nine o clock (!!!!) and prepared ourselves to go to Dublin as we were playing at Dolphin Discs Talbot Street Dublin. It was just unlucky that when we got up the weather had changed to showers. We decided to return the next day for more at lunchtime and set off for Citywest on the outskirts of the city. A quick sound check and a bite to eat and we were happy and rearing to go. The gig was for the Eurypaa Conference. People had arrived for this long weekend of activities and meetings from various parts of the world including Ireland. We met and were talking to lots of people from the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. and other parts of Europe. Big thanks to Niamh Elliot and all the organisers. 

Dolphin Discs on Saturday was great craic. The weather was good and the people who stopped to listen seemed really happy to sing along and dance. We met up with a man called Sean O’ Connor and his wife and family. They played along with us for a while before telling us about their band- Lava.  They kindly gave us a copy of one of their albums and I certainly can recommend it as it’s been playing in my car for the last week. That night was The Cedar in Mountrath for Eoin Hogans 21st party. What a nice family and Eoin was in particularly good form!! Lee ate half his body weight in sausages as Ross and John made a fair stab at cleaning out the sandwiches. Eoin kindly gave us a drink to wash down all the food too! “Happy days” as our manager Darren never says….!!!! 

We had a very busy Sunday indeed with Egan’s and Dinn Rí in Carlow. It was great to be back in Carlow again. It was part of the Fleadh over there and we always love playing in Cedar Square. At the end of the day it is fair to state that after putting in our best efforts on stage we were glad to see our beds!! 

One of the great nights of the week is our Monday Madness session in Egans. Once again a large crowd turned up and as we started we noticed that Sean O’ Connor and family were in Egans. Straight away it had the hallmarks of a great night as we began with a few tunes. All singers like Lava, Tracey O Sullivan, Karen and Aishling Farrell, PJ Norton, Davy Holohan, Paddy Ryan, Razzer  and the dancers, Joanne and Marie Kelly on the night were given a free t-shirt compliments of the proprietor Don Egan which we all thought was a nice touch.  Only problem for me was that my t-shirt got misplaced in a late night establishment after the gig!! Oh well it was well worth it and a great “after session” session was held in our apartment which we do apologise for the noise coming from the apartment but never the fun we were having lol!! 

It was Paris Texas gig where we met up with a lovely couple for the first time all the way from Co. Meath- Tommy and Bernie Sherlock. We also got a visit from four Dublin hurlers who got knocked out of the hurling championship two days previous. They were Ryan O’ Dwyer, David Curtain, Shane Ryan and Simon Lambert. John would have hurled with Ryan in Boston a few years back. When I met him out there when visiting John I knew he was a head the ball and he has not changed thank god. The moves were ridiculously funny and the striptease act polished. He even got Flor Hennessy up for a twirl and a dance off ensued. Flor the old pro from his showbands days wiped the floor with him!! Good to see an old friend from my teacher training days, David Curtain too. It’s been too long and a reunion was well over due! Another sound lunatic. Shane “Marbles” Ryan and Simon certainly left an impression in Mizzoni Pizza after the gig- rumour has it they ate two 16” pizzas each and a bag of chips!! 

Congratulations to all leaving certs on your results! We played Kytlers Wednesday night and sure enough our two academics from Meath were in the crowd once more so we must have done something right the night previous! A nice gig in the courtyard was just the ticket and a big shout out to the crowd from Armagh and Louth who seemed to have a ball! Then Thirsty Thursday was back around again. Massive crowd once more and a great buzz around the town. Great to see Micheal Kenny and his friends in celebrating their results. Some moves on him. Very John Travolta-esque!!!   

Once more big thanks to Laura and Sharon powerful work as merchandise managers!!Roll on another week as the 2 month tour comes closer. So much to look forward to.  Friends to meet- new and old- it certainly is exciting times for us four lads!

Talk to you in four weeks!

Damian Walsh


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