Rockin All Over The World

“Rocking all over the world” 

Hey everyone, Ross here with ye again for my second blog and my god do I have some news and stories to share so I wont delay, here we go!!!!

 First up was Jim Kennedys in Thurles Co. Tipperary. This was our first time to play in Thurles so we didn’t really know what to expect but never the less we were excited. We arrived early with our sound engineer Kevin “Rory” Broderick for our sound check and within minutes of starting the gig, the function room was packed to the rafters with a great vibe of energy being sent out. We got many request on the night such as the “Galtee Mountain Boy”, “Brennan On The Moor” and of course Slievenamon …. There was also a strong request for the “Rose Of Mooncoin”  Joke of course, but being from Kilkenny myself I had great Craic with the “Tipp fans”… “UP THE CATS”….. 

The dance floor was hopping and as we belted out our last couple of songs the manager came to the side of the stage to ask if by any chance we could play on for a bit extra, which we gladly did.  I would like to thank everyone in Jim Kennedys for fantastic evening and we hope to see ye all again very soon.

Balver Hohle Irish Folk Festival 2011, Germany

Straight from our gig at Jim Kennedys we hit the road for Dublin airport to catch our flight to Germany. This was our first time to perform at this festival and we were looking forward to catching up with our good friends Sean Reeves, Keltic Kats and The High Kings. It wasn’t long before the messing and joking started…. While on the plane to Germany a little prank was played on me by a couple of the High Kings….it was announced over the intercom on the plane that I was celebrating my 40th birthday ha…. I wouldn’t be much of a gambler but if I was, my money would be on Darren Holden and Brian Dunphy on being behind this… As the roars of cheers and laughter went up on the plane I knew that it was going to be a great trip…..

On arriving at the Balver Hohle I was blown away, it’s definitely the coolest venue we’ve played in to date with a big professional stage and lights all set up inside a “cave”. As the acts got on their way the atmosphere was constantly building with super performances from the Keltic Kats and The High Kings…..the crowd was electric. Then it was time for “Na Fianna” to hit the stage. WOW….. What a crowd, as we started our set with The Holy Ground (a Clancy’s brothers classic) the cave went wild as it was sung word for word by the audience. The time past by so fast, we could have stayed playing forever!! One of my personal highlights of the trip was at the end of the show when we were joined on stage by all the other acts from the night, and we all performed “Go Lassie Go” together, what a way to end the festival. My other highlight was the after party as we sang songs and played our instruments well into the early hours of the morning…

I would like to thank Sean Reeves and all involved at the Balver Hohle Irish Folk Festival for giving Na Fianna the chance to perform in such a a great venue and to such an amazing audience. We have made many great friends from this trip, as Lee promised one fan that he would learn “Johnny I hardly knew ye” for him…. We hope to see ye all again next year.     

 “The Hills of Donegal”

CLG Naomh Columba Co Donegal Sunday the 7th of August.

Fresh off the plane from Germany it was time to hit the road for old Donegal. As my co pilot Mr Lee Campion fell fast asleep in the passenger seat I had to pull in on the side of the road in Cavan to check him for a pulse “ha”…. He was out for the count!!! We finally reached Donegal after what felt like three days of non stop driving “ha”… I must say the views and scenery up in Donegal are out of this world.

We kicked off our gig in the marquee at 10.30pm and by 11pm it was packed!! This was also our first time to perform in this part of Donegal. Damian was on fire and had the crowd in his hands, as John said “sure why wouldn’t he not haven been asleep the whole way from Germany to Donegal Ha!! What a gig the place was rocking and the biggest song of the night was “Wagon Wheel”, at one stage I thought the marquee was going to turn over as the crowd were dancing on the floor so hard… Yet again thanks to all involved up there in Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal for the lovely dinner and taking care of us so well. See ye all for the dinner dance!!

  Monday Madness

Monday madness in Egan’s saw another great turn out as we were joined by Thomas the fiddler all the way from France who performed with us for the evening, a big thanks to him and also to Joanne Kelly who provided us with top class Irish dancing. I chanced a bit of Irish dancing myself with Joanne, her feet were on fire where as mine just got burnt L… a big thanks to all the singers on the evening, Johnjo Cullen and of course all the female singers “Na Females”. See ye all again next Monday for some more madness.

 Tremendous Tuesdays

Tuesday night we were back at the ranch in Paris Texas and as a special treat we had the fantastic Aonghus Buggy performing with us on the banjo, he surely can make it talk. Another tremendous night and a massive crowd for the third Tuesday in a row as we made new friends from Canada, America and Johnstown. It was great to see our good friend Jim from Carrickshock in to see us. Thanks to Laura Gaffney yet again for doing another fantastic job on selling our CD’s and DVD’s.

 Thirsty Thursday

Well what can I say about thirsty Thursday at Lanigans, it was extra thirsty and extra busy and as another little treat we had…….the one and only Mr Gerard Moloney who gave an absolute exhibition on playing the accordion. It was great to see our good friend Karen Galvin who was out celebrating her 25th birthday; I hope you had a great one. It was definitely our maddest Thursday so far this summer!! Thanks to every one that was there from far and near for a great night.

 “Well I hope ye enjoyed that one folks”  

Until the next time that’s it from me, thanks for taking the time to read my blog… It was a week of madness.

Do chara Ross Hennessy 





Ross Mac Aonghusa


5 thoughts on “Rockin All Over The World

  1. Got it in one Ross – well done on a great night in the hills of Donegal:) Sounds like ye have the best jobs in the world…

  2. I’m spreading the word over here in Orlando….been to Raglan Road before, had a great time. Relatives in Tipp have seen you and gave you a good review. 🙂
    Read about your flight to Germany, The High Kings are great, and yes I can believe that Darren & Brian were to blame!
    See ye in Mickey Mouse Town!!!
    Maggie Ryan

  3. Ross, I’m excited just because I’m beginning to differenciate between your voices, in your music! Even though I’ve been in NH while you all were in Orlando, everything I’ve heard and read has made a huge difference in my own life and I just have to say “thank you”, with a big smile on my face. I wish I could understand your Celtic brough and “slang” a little bit more; but then I guess you’ve got to have lived the history to appreciate the language. As you all travel successfully around the world, I hope to one day see you on the shores of Donegal. Dawn Rancourt

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