Land of Spuds and Bacon

Hey there folks, Lee here with you this time and its my turn to tell you all the news and gossip goings on with Na Fianna….ENJOY !


We had a little break last Friday and Saturday so it started off in a beautiful, wonderful little town called DURROW!! We kicked off the weekend in my home pub “Bobs Bar” or as Damian call’s it “Bad Bobs”. With the first bit of summer weather this year, we decided to set up outside the pub and it worked a treat so we belted it out for 2 hours flat. There was a great buzz around the town with Durrow now holding the “All Ireland Scarecrow Championships” and also the “Howya Friendship Festival”, all kicking off last Sunday.

To the land of Spuds and Bacon!!
Straight after the gig in “Bobs”, we packed up and hit the road for “Causeway” Co Kerry. It was a nice long two and a half hour drive and to make it worse, I had to listen to Ross the whole way. I thought I was going to fall asleep with the stories he was telling me. (Only messing Rossatron) We arrived in Causeway in the “Stretford End” pub and the place was electric. We had a wedding party there and also a few friends from Lisselton, Ballyheigue and Ballyduff. A great night had by all especially Damian who took a shine to the sandwiches that were brought out at half time. He couldn’t talk for 10 minutes !! haha

New Monday Madness
A nice way to start the week with an unplugged sing song in “Egans” pub in Kilkenny. A great crowd turned out with plenty of singer’s as well. It was all male singers to start the night with Ross, John, Damian and meself all singing the first few songs. Then it was Mark (Nuts) Phelen who gave us a blast of “Willie McBride” and then requested the same song again an hour later because he thought he was in the smoking area when it had been done earlier….haha. We had a few other male singer’s around the pub but then, the second half the ladies kicked off!

We had a load of talent when the ladies started singing and up first were John and Damian’s (more talented!!!!!!!) sister Deirdre and she started with a fantastic version of “Only Our Rivers Run Free”. Next up were Aishling and Karen Farrell who belted out two songs and with brilliant harmonies may I add…..Evelyn’s turn then with the Fugees classic “Killing Me Softly” that got the whole place singing along. Then last but not least, Na Fianna’s very own makeup artist Tracy o Sullivan stepped up and sang a brilliant version of Snow Patrols “Run”, with great backing vocals from Nicole Meaney who has promised she is up first next Monday for the women.

Paris Texas
We played our second Tuesday in a row in Paris Texas this week and another great turn out. It was great to see Johnny Barry and his friends down for the night; I think he parked the helicopter up in Kilkenny Castle so he didn’t have to walk too far. Big shout out to the big crowd from Mayo that were down and also all our Canadian friends (Thanks for the presents). Once again big thanks to Laura and Sharon who took care of the shop for us on the night. (“Jagerbombs” all the way!!!!)

Thirsty Thursday
Another Thursday and another busy night in “Lanigans” in Kilkenny City. Nice to see a few lads calling in to see us on there holidays such as Robbie, Richie, Eddy and also Alan Kelly who just flew home from Newcastle that evening. Great to see the Tipperary crew (Edel and all the girls) back in Kilkenny for a night and fair play to ye for dancing and singing for the whole gig.

That’s it for me, hope u enjoyed it, especially my two sisters, Ruth and Susan out in Australia who keep giving out to me because I don’t keep them up to date with any news. Haha!

Talk to ye all in a month!!!

Lee Campion


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